Free Wi-Fi in Uptown Chicago, Pt. 3

Baker & Nosh (Wilson at Malden) has internet access, great coffee, good food, and nice bathrooms. It doesn’t have as many electrical outlets as I wish it did, but I recommend logging on here nonetheless – especially when the patio’s open. The patio’s nicer than anything else you’ll find in Uptown.

Banana Holder, Pt. 2

Looking for a cozy holder to give your banana the protection it needs? miLam presents a review of state-of-the-art banana saver technology, including the Bananabunker and the Biken bicycle banana holder. We invite you to enjoy our humorous look at how this phallic product affects you, your love life, your sexual prowess, and Rick Perry.

Trifle Improv 3

Martha Stewart’s coming over, and you polished off your croquembouche this morning for breakfast. All you’ve got is some Red Velvet brownies that are too dry to serve. Or maybe some leftover cheesecake. Well, fret no more. You can improvise a triple-chocolate trifle with whipped cream, pudding, and a little bit of cream cheese. Don’t tell her that you melted your chocolate in the microwave, though, or she’ll pack her bags and split.