Chicken Salad (Sandwich)

This is the Donna Reed of chicken salad sandwiches, meaning domestic perfection, of course. But you know the disreputable character she played in “From Here to Eternity?” Well, it’s got a little of that Donna Reed in it, too. It’s party-flavored comfort food made with chicken that was spit-roasted, partially eaten, and then cast aside.

Herb, Nut, and Onion Bread

This bread gets its rich, fresh, depth of flavor from nuts, nut-meal, oregano, sour cream, and thyme. Starting with a sponge and kneading the final dough by hand are key to giving this bread its unbelievable texture and complex flavor. Refrigerating the dough helps you to manage time and the bread to develop character.

A Slawppy Sloppy Joe

If you want to have friends over, and you want to serve something interesting, but you want to keep things comfortable and relaxed, Slawppy Joes are perfect. They’re fancy enough to say “I made something special for you” while also acknowledging that “you’re not exactly the Queen of England, though, are you?”