Chicken Salad (Sandwich)

This is the Donna Reed of chicken salad sandwiches, meaning domestic perfection, of course. But you know the disreputable character she played in “From Here to Eternity?” Well, it’s got a little of that Donna Reed in it, too. It’s party-flavored comfort food made with chicken that was spit-roasted, partially eaten, and then cast aside.

Creamy Mustard-Caper Dressing

Creamy Mustard-Caper Dressing is vaguely ranchesque and sort of thousand islandian, maybe. It’s quietly mustardish with caperific undertones. This easy recipe will turn your chopped vegetable salad into something cravable. Toss in an apple, some bacon, beef, or grilled chicken, and you’ve got a fantastic dinner.

Martha Stewart’s Best Buttermilk Pancakes

Martha Stewart’s Best Buttermilk Pancakes – especially with blueberries – are unparalleled. I used to think that pancakes were by definition boring at best. I was wrong. These are remarkable. Yes, a mix would be easier, if you want to settle for something serviceable. Yes, you could just go directly to her site and read the recipe, but then you’d miss all my smartass comments.

Improv Soup

Improvise a thick, chunky tomato soup, starting with a store-bought pasta sauce. This method will help you sauté, simmer, and garnish your way to a soup that relies on the leftover ingredients you already have in your fridge or cupboard: pasta, kielbasa or sausage, spices, and vegetables.