Tuna Two-Way: Pollo Tonnato

Pollo Tonnato is slices of cold, poached chicken in a easy-to-make sauce consisting of canned tuna, mayo, lemon, capers, and olive oil. It’s a riff off an Italian summer dish: vitello tonatto. I like to garnish this dish with olives to really bring out the Mediterranean flavor.

Big City Chicken

Big City Chicken, a Lettuce Entertain You restaurant on Chicago’s Navy Pier, serves up fried chicken worth fighting through crowds to get to. (Just to clarify, for my Polish relatives in Detroit, that’s Big-City Chicken, not Big City-Chicken. I know … sigh.)

Chicken Salad (Sandwich)

This is the Donna Reed of chicken salad sandwiches, meaning domestic perfection, of course. But you know the disreputable character she played in “From Here to Eternity?” Well, it’s got a little of that Donna Reed in it, too. It’s party-flavored comfort food made with chicken that was spit-roasted, partially eaten, and then cast aside.