Chocolate Stout Cake

Good things come in threes: this is the first of a trio of chocolate cakes that we’ll present over the next few weeks. Chocolate Stout Cake is a hot water cocoa cake in which the oil and water are replaced by sour cream and beer. Topped off with a cream cheese frosting, it’s quite an impressive cake.

Creamy Mustard-Caper Dressing

Creamy Mustard-Caper Dressing is vaguely ranchesque and sort of thousand islandian, maybe. It’s quietly mustardish with caperific undertones. This easy recipe will turn your chopped vegetable salad into something cravable. Toss in an apple, some bacon, beef, or grilled chicken, and you’ve got a fantastic dinner.

Illinois Bar and Grill

If you’re on the way home from MDW and find yourself hungry, you’ll find a bacon-laden hamburger the Illinois Bar and Grill calls “the best” on 47th Street in Archer Park, Chicago. I suggest you have it with a Blue Moon if you’re a beer drinker, and onion rings. In between the bar and Midway, if you need internet access, seek out Starbucks.