Spinach-Herb Lasagna

Yuh-huh, another lasagna, but this one’s for you, Trump supporters: it’s white. This original-recipe Spinach-Herb Lasagna is a white lasagna, layered with a thyme-infused bechamel, plus loads of ricotta, parmesan, and mozzerella cheeses. And surprise: bacon! It’s delicious fresh, but also reheats and freezes well.

Creamy Mustard-Caper Dressing

Creamy Mustard-Caper Dressing is vaguely ranchesque and sort of thousand islandian, maybe. It’s quietly mustardish with caperific undertones. This easy recipe will turn your chopped vegetable salad into something cravable. Toss in an apple, some bacon, beef, or grilled chicken, and you’ve got a fantastic dinner.

Bacon Wrapped Meat Roll

The words “bacon wrapped meat roll” may send some of you into immediate foodgasm. Others of you with a modicum of decorum might rather that this post were about Rouleau de viande – which it is, so relax. Regardless of what you call it, what we’re talking about here is a meatloaf stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon.