Coffee, Free WIFI: West Town, Chicago

Looking for a West Town (or West Loop) Chicago cafe with good coffee, available electrical outlets, and free parking? With a nearby doughnut? Start out by dropping your knives off at Northwest Cutlery, walk around the block and hit Publican and then Glazed & Infused, then pick up your knives and head to Morgan-Randolph Starbucks to log on to their Wi-Fi so you can work or study.

Free Wi-Fi in Rogers Park: Logon Chicago, Edition V

Beard-spotting and co-working while sipping coffee in a Rogers Park Starbucks cafe near the intersection of Columbia & Sheridan (just north of the Red Line Loyola stop). Along the way: a shout out to Dr. Who and the Jesuits, as well as an on-going search for a free Wi-Fi log-on and an electrical outlet in Chicago. Plus, some socio-cultural humor and a plug for Bop-N-Grill. Wow, that’s a lot … but I swear to you, it’s all good.

Illinois Bar and Grill

If you’re on the way home from MDW and find yourself hungry, you’ll find a bacon-laden hamburger the Illinois Bar and Grill calls “the best” on 47th Street in Archer Park, Chicago. I suggest you have it with a Blue Moon if you’re a beer drinker, and onion rings. In between the bar and Midway, if you need internet access, seek out Starbucks.