Salted Caramel Six Layer Chocolate Cake

Martha Stewart’s recipe for Salted-Caramel Six-Layer Chocolate Cake uses Dutch process cocoa powder as well as semisweet chocolate, so it’s black as night, but packed with true chocolate flavor. Nothing beats homemade caramel, and the caramel-chocolate pairing is intense. This cake is not for the timid.

Cinna-Choco Cakeughnut

The Cinna-Choco Cakeughnut is made out of cinnamon doughnuts! Topped with a delicious chocolate glaze! This recipe is easy; it’s hardly more difficult than following box-cake directions . It relies on day-old, old-fashioned, cake-style doughnuts. You can make it with fresh doughnuts, however, if you follow the directions precicely.