Star Lounge

Bearded aliens are barista-ing a Chicago café! It’s every speciesist’s worst nightmare! Details at 11. (In the meantime, stay away from Humboldt Park and stay far away from Star Lounge! They’re putting dark matter into their coffee!)

Everybody’s Coffee

Do you ever wonder what happened to The Jesus People? They’re alive and well, and among other things, they run Everybody’s Coffee on Wilson Ave in Uptown Chicago. “Everybody’s” is an oasis of interesting espresso drinks and excellent WIFI in an ever-shrinking “JJ Peppers” kind of hood. It’s quickly become one of my favorite coffeehouses. It a good example of the change taking place in this neighborhood.

Coffee, Free WIFI: West Town, Chicago

Looking for a West Town (or West Loop) Chicago cafe with good coffee, available electrical outlets, and free parking? With a nearby doughnut? Start out by dropping your knives off at Northwest Cutlery, walk around the block and hit Publican and then Glazed & Infused, then pick up your knives and head to Morgan-Randolph Starbucks to log on to their Wi-Fi so you can work or study.