Mushroom Gravy

Want to make gravy in advance, so it’s ready to grace your sizzling meat as soon as it comes off the grill? This mushroom gravy is it. After dinner, stir the pan juices into the leftover gravy and you have ammo for another meal later in the week.

Illinois Bar and Grill

If you’re on the way home from MDW and find yourself hungry, you’ll find a bacon-laden hamburger the Illinois Bar and Grill calls “the best” on 47th Street in Archer Park, Chicago. I suggest you have it with a Blue Moon if you’re a beer drinker, and onion rings. In between the bar and Midway, if you need internet access, seek out Starbucks.

Why Is Red Velvet Cake Red?

Why is Red Velvet Cake red? Blame it on the anthocyanin that is found in natural cocoa, but blame the artificial aspect of it on the Adams Extract & Spice Company. Or, if you’re fancy, blame the Waldorf-Astoria. Don’t blame beets. The FDA says that the Red 40 dye in Red Velvet is safe … but they also OK’ed Skittles, so decide for yourself.